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¡Hola compañera/-o!

I recently started as a PhD researcher at the Coventry Unversity's Centre for Postdigital Cultures. I'm also a part of the theory and publishing team of Multimedia Institute/MAMA, a member of the performing arts collective BADco and an amateur librarian for the Memory of the World/Public library project. What I do is mostly defined by the activities of those collective endeavors.

My research interests are in technology, capitalist development and post-capitalist transition, with a particular focus on intellectual property, techno-science and environmental crisis. I approach these from a Marxian perspective. Sometimes I also write and present on theatre, dance and politics. In these pages you will find my writings, information on my artistic work and my biography. Links in the sidebar will lead you there.

If you want to get in touch, my details can be found on the contact page.