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Tomislav Medak is a doctoral student at the Centre for Postdigital Cultures at Coventry University. He is also member of the theory and publishing team of the Multimedia Institute/MAMA in Zagreb, as well as amateur librarian for the Memory of the World/Public library project, artist in the performing arts collective BADco. and intermittently collaborator of the urban activist initiative Right to the City Zagreb.

With the Multimedia Institute since 2000 he has (co-)organised talks, conferences and exhibitions, as well as (co-)edited publications in the fields of political economy, tactical media and the commons. His scholarship is in technologies, capitalist development and post-capitalist transition, with a particular focus on economies of intellectual property and unevenness of techno-science. At times, he also writes and gives talks on theatre, dance and politics. He's the author of two short books: The Hard Matter of AbstractionA Guidebook to Domination by Abstraction (V_____erlag für Handbücher, 2016) and Shit Tech for A Shitty World (Aksioma, 2015). Together with Marcell Mars he has co-edited Public Library (WHW/Multimedija Institute, 2015), with Petar Milat The Idea of Radical Media (Multimedia Institute/Arkzin, 2014) and with Goran Sergej Pristaš Time and (In)Completion: Images and Performances of Time in Late Capitalism (BADco., 2014).

Intermittently, he is working as a performer, dramaturge and director with the Zagreb-based experimental theatre collective BADco. With the collective he has created numerous artworks, including performances Correcting Rhythm (2017), Spores (2016), A Pound of Histeria, Acceleration... melodrama (2014), The League of Time (2010) and 1 poor and one 0. Some of those have toured around Europe, while the interactive installation Responsibility for Things Seen was presented in 2011 Venice Biennal.

Curriculum Vitae